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 1. What is Super Yahoo Archive Decoder?

 2. How does the Yahoo Messenger store the archives?

 3. How does this program work?

 4. Menus and Buttons to click

 5. Why no profiles are showing in the decoder?

 6. Decoding saved .dat files

 7. Decode files on another computer

 8. Batch decoding/Exporting

 9. Printing Decoded conversations

 10. How can I Enable Archiving for others?





 1. How do I install this?

 2. How do I run this program?

 3. How do I HIDE this program from others? NEW !!!

 4. How can set a Password for this program?



  How can I get a license key?

  How much it costs?

  How can I get the latest versions?

  How can I contact the customer support?


Answers to Decoding Questions:



What is Super Yahoo Archive Decoder?


It is a utility software to decode and read the encrypted Yahoo Messenger Archive History Files while you are offline even without the passwords of those yahoo users. You can read the Instant Messages, SMS Messages or Mobile Messages and Conference Messages of every yahoo profile that used/using your computer to login to yahoo. This program will display every yahoo profiles that logged in using your computer.


Simply, this is an OFFLINE Yahoo Archive reader! (without password)



How yahoo Messenger stores the archives?


Yahoo Messenger stores the Archives files in .dat files format. The location of these files will be in "\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles".



How does this program work?


Yahoo Messenger stores the Archives files on .dat files format. Normally you have to login into yahoo messenger to read the yahoo chat history. Using this program you are no longer required to login. You can read all your conversations while you are offline without your password. You can even read every one else's conversations too. You can enable archiving for other users on your computer without their password.

This program decodes every .dat files in your yahoo archive folder and help you to save those as html/txt format. You can read the conversation on the screen it self. It also supports the colors, fonts and image smiles. You can do the batch decoding for every conversations in your computer.



Menus and Buttons to click


When this program starts it will automatically detect the yahoo installation folder and it searches for all yahoo profiles logged in from this computer. It displays all chat archives on the screen by date wise. You can click on a particular date and it will decode the conversation and display it on the conversation box.

The menus are very simple, the description shows what it means. If you have any other questions about the usage please write an email to the support.



Why no Yahoo Profiles are showing in the Decoder?


Are you sure that yahoo messenger is installed on your computer? If yes, are you sure that the Yahoo Profile Folder name displaying in the top of the window is the same as where you installed your yahoo messenger. If not click on the small button "..." near to the Yahoo folder name in the top of the window and select the yahoo profile folder where you installed the yahoo messenger.


Also, if you have not enabled the archiving options then it won't show any profiles/conversations. Please click on "Enable Yahoo archiving" button and enable archiving for all users and press OK.


6 How can I decode saved .dat files?

There are two ways you can decode saved .dat files:

1. If you have saved the files in the same directory structure as the yahoo installation:

(E.g.: Yahoo!/Messenger/Profiles/<yahoo id>/Archive/)

Click on the "..." button near the "Yahoo Folder" name and select the profiles folder where you have saved the .dat files. The program will auto detect all conversations (Instant Messages / SMS / Conferences) and display the date wise list.

2. I just saved the .dat files, how can I decode them?

Click on "Select Files to Decode" button. You will see the directory tree. Click on the file you want to decode. You will see the decoded conversations on the right side window.



How can I decode files on other computer?


Two ways to do this:


First Method: Share the disk drive of that computer. Then map that shared drive as a local drive in your computer. Open yahoo messenger decoder . Select the mapped drive from the drive list in the top of the window.


Second Method: Click on '...' button near the "Yahoo Folder" name in the top of the window. Select "Network Neighborhood", Select "Entire Network", select that computer. Select the shared drive in that computer. and select the folder where it has the yahoo archives files. Press OK. Now you will see all the conversations.




Batch Decoding/Exporting

Click on "save all as Text" or "save all as HTML" to convert all conversations showing in the current window. Select an output directory from the options page and press ok. All conversations will be converted.



Printing Decoded conversations

Click on Print button to print the current conversation.


10 How can I Enable Archiving for others?

Click on "Enable Yahoo Archiving" to enable yahoo archiving for other users. When the profile list pops up, mark the profiles which you want to enable/disable yahoo archiving. Next time when that user logs in to chat, all of his/her conversations will be saved.



 1. How do I install this?


    Go to   Click on "Yahoo Messenger Archive" link.  Click on Open and follow the instructions.


 2. How do I run this program?


    Click on start button, "Program Files", then "Super Yahoo Messenger Decoder", then "Super Yahoo Messenger Decoder"


 3. How can I HIDE this program from others?    (NEW!!!)


    Open the program, click on HIDE FROM OTHERS button. ( Please install the new version for this)


 4. How Can I Set a Password for this program?


    Open the decoder, click on "Password Security" button. (Don't set the password and forget, you won't be able to run it if you forgot your password!)

  If you set a password, then nobody else will be able to open this program because it will ask for the password whenever it starts.


How can I get a license key?


    Go to


How much it costs?


check in


How can I get the latest version of this program?


    Go to download section in


How to contact the customer support?


    Write email to You can only contact the customer support if have already paid for a license. For general questions please write to with a sugject line 'Question for support'

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